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Farming Simulator 18 by Giants Software - 3DS version

I received a free sample of Farming Simulator 18 
in exchange for writing a review on my blog

The brand new Farming Simulator 18 has finally been released today and let me say, it's been quite an excellent experience for my first time ever playing a version of Farming Simulator as there has been many before.  The image quality and sound is perfect. You really get that on the farm feel while playing. Once you just hear the music in the background you know you're on a farm. This, of course, is a game created by Giants Software and will be a huge hit for those who love to live the life of a farmer on their own farm.  It can be a fantasy or a way to just pretend and escape to a job that you always wanted! Either way, this is a game that will really give you that full experience.
 I was lucky to receive a copy for the 3DS, but they do have this game out also for the PS Vita. Now, basically, this is a game that you are in control of your own farm. It's up to you to decide if you want to increase the land you own or if you possibly want to just work with what you have. However, increasing the amount of land allows for more room to grow crops and take care of the animals you own or new ones you may plan to have. Plus, with more space, this means more room to increase income from what you grow and sell at the market. 
There is always the option of buying even better vehicles and equipment, which does help out in the long run. I know from many games that I've played in the past, or just the recent weeks, I've noticed it's always best to upgrade if you want to succeed.  Therefore, the only way to really successfully raise and own a good farm that is bringing in the money to keep you going would be to upgrade the equipment and purchase more land. 

When you begin out playing the game, which I have the 3DS copy, you can use each button and touchscreen to control the game, each is all functional. Plus, they all have their own specific abilities. A few are to switch your vehicles, operate them, and change views of the camera to get a better idea of what you are doing and where you are located. The few touchscreen buttons are there to help you fuel the vehicles with gas, keeping you going and even others that are necessary. There is one that really helps if you need a break. It is actually a symbol on the far right that allows you to call another to help do the work, while you sit back. However, just like fueling the tank with gas, this person will cost you too! Nothing in life is free, so the game isn't gonna give you any freebies when it's meant to be realistic.
Overall, the game is quite fun for a lifelike farming experience. You are in control of everything, which I mean that the trucks are able to be switched by you and you work on each part of the farm. In the beginning, it can be a bit difficult for those who just are trying the game for the first time and haven't ever played the past copies of Farming Stimulator. However, it can indeed become very fun after you get a handle on how to maneuver back and forth from each vehicle and learn what duties you must take care of. It's practically your life as a farmer but on a game console. 

I would have to say this is something I always admire with a simulated game, a realistic play that reacts to everything you do. I can't say there is nothing negative about the game. It's very much a full farming experience. No speed up or slow down, you get the real deal, and have all those fun farming opportunities from feeding and caring for your farm animals and take on the daily challenges that head your way. Of course, there aren't any evil monsters or difficult levels you have to accomplish. The goal here is to have a successful farm and make sure everything is running correctly! 
Finally, this is a wonderful game that encourages you to enjoy life as a farmer. You're not only able to get a real feel for the work and caring for the animals on a farm, but you also get to enjoy the difficulties that occur and learn to purchase wisely. It can be challenging in the beginning, but after you get a handle on the work that needs to have done, it can be quite relaxing and a bit entertaining. Plus, the beautiful scenery and music will always be playing as you are working on the farm!

Key features of Farming Simulator 18:
  • Expand your farm by planting crops, harvesting them, and taking part in forestry activities, all with dedicated machinery
  • Breed and transport animals including cows, sheep, and for the first time, pigs
  • Develop your farm in a new and immersive American environment
  • Use and drive over 50 faithfully reproduced farming vehicles and tools, including some of AGCO’s most respected brands: Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra
  • Grow and harvest new crops such as sunflowers, in addition to sugar beet, potatoes, wheat, canola, and corn
GENRE: Casual, Simulation
  • Developed by: Giants Software
  • Published by: Focus Home Interactive
  • Release Date: 06/06/2017
  • Age Rating: Pegi 3 - USK 0 - ESRB E - OFLC G
  • Platforms:  PlayStation® Vita system and Nintendo 3DS™
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