Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pic-a-Pix Color out today in North America with new DLC puzzles available worldwide! by Lightwood Games

Today, April 13th, 2017 is the first release of Pic-a-Pix Color for North America. The game comes from Lightwood Games, they are known for publishing and developing plenty of puzzling games that the entire family can enjoy! The game they have finally released in North America, Pic-a-Pix Color has already been released in the e-shop for Europe, but finally, the US and Canada can download it from the e-shop. Plus, like many of their games, they are super fast The game is quick to download, doesn't take up much memory, and is packed with challenging puzzles to play through! The game is a one player game that is not only available on the Wii U, but also for the 3DS.
First off, what I love is that this game is full of color and full of fun puzzles that need solving! Plus, the game has much more that are being added for download, making it a never-ending game of logic puzzle fun! You'll enjoy the options, as there is a range of puzzle sizes to choose and solve. However, when deciding on the size to play, just remember smaller maybe easier, but once you go for those larger boards, you are taking on a more difficult puzzle! Also, there is one bonus for the WiiU version, which I've been trying. The bonus is that you can access hardcore puzzles, in the size of a giant 30x20 and 35x25 in size and play them as you would with the others on the handheld piece of the Wii U or the Television. Honestly, that size puzzle will keep you busy for a longer time! 
After you do solve the puzzle, small or larger in size it'll create an image, like a bird or even people dancing. There is one thing you'll realize about the game, it's similar to the games Picross and Paint by Numbers, plus a few others! Also, these games are all timed, which makes it fun to try to solve each puzzle a bit faster than before. However, the main goal is to complete each puzzle without any mistakes. I find it even more fun to challenge a friend, once playing the game to hand it off to another and see if they can solve the same puzzle faster. Of course, that is just one idea, but you can play it as a single-player and go through each level trying to figure out the puzzles.
Frankly, this can be a great game for relaxing or also consider it a way to put your brain to work, but no matter it'll be fun how every you play it! The extras in the main menu are where the other puzzles can be downloaded offline. Though, you really don't need to get them yet as the game already includes 150 puzzles to solve, which should keep you busy for some time! Finally, if you love puzzles and challenges, then you should check out Pic-a-Pix Color. It's really a great game for everyone, young and old!

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Game Information:

  • Platform: Wii U
  • Release Date: (NA): April 13th, 2017 & (EU): March 30th, 2017 
  • No. of Players: 1 player
  • Category: Puzzles
  • Publisher: Lightwood Games
  • Developer: Lightwood Games
  • Rated: E

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