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Ghost Blade HD by Hucast Games

A new game has just been released on February 28th and I'm super excited to say it's AWESOME! If you ever liked playing retro or classic games from older consoles that include nonstop shooting, than this is a game you will enjoy! The game is called Ghost Blade HD, created by Hucast Games. It's a classic shooting, arcade style game that is nonstop entertaining, with wonderful graphics and music as well!
However, there is one thing that might seem familiar to many about this game. If you ever had a Dreamcast in the past you might notice that this game was out back that era of time as well! However, this version is quite updated with its graphics and still has that fun gameplay action we all love in modern arcade shooting games!  So you can relive the fun of this game for more than just on the Dreamcast but try it for the Playstation 4, Steam, WiiU, and Xbox One.

I honestly wish I knew, since I had a Dreamcast back then and just bought one recently a year ago online. However, having a chance to try this game makes it better because I can enjoy what I missed back when it came out for Dreamcast, and get to try the newer graphics that make all games even more entertaining!
Now for the main concept of the game, Ghost Blade HD is to destroy enemies! You need to battle through 5 stages with many enemy aircraft ships attacking you, and bosses that can be challenging to defeat! You are the hero aircraft known as Earth Defense Force (EDF) and the mission that you must complete is to help protect Mars and defeat the Evil Shira, which was actually created to protect Mars until it became corrupted and began attacking. Therefore, you as the pilot of the ship EDF has to save Mars and even the entire universe from the Evil Shira. Of course, it's not going to be easy, with 5 stages that do get challenging and Huge bosses at the end of each, you have to shoot your way to victory! Plus, if you want more of a challenge, why not try moving to a harder mode, since there are 3 modes to choose from in the beginning.
You will even enjoy that there is some trophies to be won and even achievements, which always makes a game fun to play when you can see where you rank with the online leaderboards.
Plus, with the option of 2 players, you can enjoy this game even more with friends and family. Honestly, I always enjoy multiple player games, it's quite fun with other players. However,
even as a single player, it's still quite a fun game and allows you to stay focus on the goal ahead!

Now, I am a huge fan of the HD image quality and gameplay! I love the classic shooting games back in the day, and sometimes it's fun to revisit those games. However, now I can enjoy a similar action, shooting game on my WiiU with Ghost Blade HD. It doesn't leave you feeling bored as every moment in the game you are shooting or taking down an enemy. Also to mention I'm playing the WiiU version, which they have this game available for download on the Playstation 4, Steam, and Xbox One.

In my opinion, It' brings back the fun of shooting and challenges back to the newer game consoles. Plus, with the quality images of classic games that we played in our younger ages. The game is bright and full of color and shooting action! I mean everywhere you shoot, many shots, not just one are coming from the aircraft you are controlling, which goes the same for the other air crafts attacking you! It's amazing and so entertaining to the eyes. I love the visuals and for those who enjoy battling and challenges would find this to be entertaining going through each of the 5 stages.

Of course, the game is simpler in the beginning, but moving forward you get to battle through some harder and not so easy to defeat bosses and levels. So don't think 5 stages is a simple to beat  the game it's actually a bit difficult to complete in a few hours. So you will have more time needed to complete this game and yet, it'll be an adventure of gun shooting fun for the entire family! No matter who you are, this is one of those games you just can't put down! It's colorful, has great music, and just a BLAST to play! Finally, I'd like to give you one tip, which is to keep your finger on the shooting button and watch out for the enemies!
Ghost Blade HD Video Trailer

Game Information:
  • Game: Ghost Blade HD
  • Platforms: Steam, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Wii U
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Price: €8.99 / US$ 9.99
  • Languages: English
  • Players: 1-2
  • Developer: Hucast Games (Germany)
  • Publisher and Support: 2Dream (USA)
  • Publisher and Developer:

About the Game:
Ghost Blade HD is an intense Bullet-Hell top down shoot 'em up, composed by frenetic and addictive score-based gameplay. With its inspiration going back to the shooting games of the 1990s era, Ghost Blade HD ties old memories to current tones and techniques. Designed with a modern graphic style and special effects, Ghost Blade HD also features an awesome 2-player mode! Ghost Blade HD is easy to learn, hard to master.
Key Features

  • Beautiful, detailed HD Graphics
  • 5 Stages with HUGE Boss Enemies with 3 difficulty levels
  • 3 Player battle ships with different gun types
  • Arcade-style gameplay and addictive scoring system
  • 2-player local co-op mode and online Leaderboards
  • 37 Trophies/Achievements

The Music:
The Soundtrack is based on the heydays of Japanese shmups and arcade sounds: Composer Rafael Dyll has already scored several console games (Söldner X-2, Rainbow Moon) and returns to his signature sound with the music featured in Ghost Blade HD. Fusing J-Pop influences and typical 90s synths and with modern production values, Rafael provides an action-packed soundtrack with catchy leads and electronic beats.

The Story:
10,000 years ago an Artificial Intelligence known as Shira was built to protect the residents of Mars. As time passed the AI became corrupted and Shira started to attack the Mars colonies. With no way to defend itself against "Evil Shira", Mars calls for help. The Earth Defense Force fleet fights its way to "Evil Shira" and uses powerful lasers to destroy it. However, "Evil Shira" secretly had a backup that flees into space and takes over an abandoned space station at the outskirts of the solar system. When the EDF notices the escape they send their bravest fighter after "Evil Shira". You are this pilot, and your mission is to destroy "Evil Shira" before it can complete its new attack force and threaten the existence of the entire universe.

About the Developer:
Hucast Games is a German-based game company. “We are an indie game developer who is specialized in new games with a classic vibe for next-gen gaming platforms”.
Ghost Blade HD is officially licensed for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Wii U, coming to next-gen consoles in March 2017.

About the Publisher:
2Dream is a video game company, which was established in Muscatine, Iowa, USA. The company was founded by one of the co-founders of Watermelon Company, Tulio Goncalves and the current members of the team are located in more than five different countries around the world. The main products include video games for Playstation 4, Nintendo Wii U, Microsoft Xbox One and more. 2Dream also publishes services for other video game developers, as well as consulting for certification to publish on the platforms mentioned above.

If you're interested in learning more, please follow the link below:

Website: ghostbladegame.com
Facebook: HucastGames
Twitter: @HucastGames 

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