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Unholy Heights Game Review

The game, Unholy Heights by Bergsala Lightweight LLC has a little something for the puzzler, strategy game players and those who love simulation type games. It's basically a game where you try to build up a nice apartment building to rent to these cute monsters. This all started with the Devil who has converted a normal tenant building into a monster housing in Unholy Heights. It's up to you to build up your apartment building and charge rent to the monsters that move in. The big role you have to do is try to keep them happy and have a successful growth in profit to build a bigger place as well as the monsters you will need living in the building! 

Now, It's almost a game that would remind you of either a tycoon type or classic sims type game, where you build a town and make sure everything and everyone are comfortable. However, this type of game has a twist and adds a bit of Tower Defense to the gameplay. What I mean is that you actually want these monsters to move in because they will become your defense team. The more monsters you have living in the building, the better chances you have to fight the humans.  I know it might sound strange, but you are the monster team as the humans are the bad villains in this game!
Starting out with a small apartment building, which you build on too
 after earning money.
So while these humans are actually coming to attack your apartment building, you need to protect it by using the monsters that have moved in. Therefore, the more monsters you have and build them stronger living in these apartments the better chance you will have to defeat the humans and defend the building. These are the troops you can count on but be careful some will avoid and run away while others will be glad to help. Plus,  with the different types of characteristics, you may get a lazy, weak, strong, or another type of monster that could affect the chances of winning each attack. However, as long as you build your troops up and keep the apartment in great shape, catering to each monster you should have a successful building and win every time!
Furnishing allows you to make the resident, monster happy and pay rent to stay.
Basically, the major part of the game is to have a good strong defense and building. Just keep on earning more money to afford better furnishing, which will also help to attract more monsters to add to your defense team. Even though it can be a bit tricky, You have to keep up with what these new monster residents want in their apartment and get rid of those that decide not to pay the rent, which can cause you more problems along the way. So as long as you keep up with the monster's needs, buying what they need inside and keeping the building attractive for new residents to come live there, you'll be fine. 
Add different types of furnishing to each appartment.
Now for some extra information about the game, you'll notice there are actually 7 monster races and over 50 kinds of monsters in this game. Plus, they can even give birth to more monster children, which will increase your monster defense team size and even some may be stronger than their parents, giving you a better defense team!
Also, there are quests that are not just part of the main story. Inside these quests, you are able to earn more money, unlock new monsters, and items. So doing some extra quests to defeat humans will help build the apartment building into an even nicer looking place and attract more monsters!
Normal quest of the game to complete, save, build extension to the building,
 and extra settings.
Finally, this is a wonderful game, very different and not the typical stimulation type gameplay. It is something that anyone could enjoy and have fun playing for hours!
I loved the characters, the music playing in the background and the wonderful story!

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About the Game Unholy Heights:
The award-winning indie hit Unholy Heights, created by the Japanese company Petit Depotto and developed on the 3ds by Mebius,
is a Tower Defence where you adopt the role of the Devil, who creates an apartment for monsters to defend against pillaging wannabe heroes!

About the Publisher Bergsala-Lightweight
Bergsala Lightweight LLC is a game publishing company established by the partnership of Nintendo Nordic's longstanding distributor, Bergsala AB, and Japanese developing and publishing company Lightweight, known as the developers of Bushido Blade.

Game Details: 
System: Nintendo 3DS
Purchase: 3DS eShop
Cost: $6.00 US & EU
Release Date: Jun 23, 2016
No. of Players: 1 player
Category: Puzzles, Strategy
Publisher: Bergsala Lightweight LLC
Developer: Mebius

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