Thursday, July 14, 2016

BonAchat- Super Cool Gaming Mini One-Handed Keyboard

The Super Cool 11 RGB Lighting Mode Wired Gaming Keyboard by the company BonAchat is one of the coolest designed gaming boards you could own! I love the colors that light up and how easy it is to access all of the keys needed to move the character or object on the game. It's right there, no large keyboard to work with. Just one small keyboard with the needed keys to configure and a resting piece for your wrist and hand. The keys are so easy to press down, no hard pressing to get them to work. Each is labeled like a regular keyboard, but like all games you only need that one set of letters to control the player or game. Therefore, this is such a nifty idea and easier than using a full-size keyboard.
Perfect for gaming and comfortable
Long Rope USB Cord
Also, no matter day or night you have a bright and colorful light to help you see what is going on. Plus it plugs in with the USB cord, attached to the keyboard. The design is so sleek and perfect for the everyday gamer. Extremely comfortable and works great! The quality is excellent and yet you have the keys in your control. You can set them up as you'd like to play the game the way you want the keys to work.
Lights Up
Finally, with the 16 keys that you can customize, the 11 kinds of RGB lights and the comfort with simple to reach all the key design this is one of the greatest creations for computer gaming that you can own! By the way, it works with the older Windows PC like Windows XP and even the newest Windows 10. Plus, Mac OS X and others! Think of it as a great gift for that special gamer or even yourself!
Multicolor Once a Key is Touched
Product Information:
  • Gaming keyboard with one hand, allows the player to stretch the arm naturally, fast and flexible operation-shaped ergonomic design, the key bits set to adjust for the daily operation of the game Will Be easy to inadvertently omit all the useless button
  • RGB lighting effect and 11 kinds of lighting modes
  • 16-key customize Casual familiar editing keys LOL commonly used keys
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10, Mac OS X and other operating systems
  • BonAchat provides instructions in English
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