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Minuteman Cell - 4.3" LCD Portable Game Console

The Minuteman Cell LCD Portable Game Console + MP5 player with Cameraame Console + MP5 player with Camera is like the ultimate gaming console you could own! This is like an extra dose of fun when it comes to gaming. The device is a portable game system with a similar look, like a PSP system. What really caught my attention is that this is more than just a system that allows you to play already installed games, which there are tons! Instead, this is also a  system that allows you to add in more games with an SD/TF card slot. There you can hold the games you want to download to play and even use it to upload some other things  since this will be like your multi-entertainment system. By that, I mean you can actually listen to music like if it was a Mp3 player, take photos with the 1.3mp camera found on the back, view videos, and check out the photos you have stored on the device, record your voice and even read plain text. The reason this would be considered a Mp5 is because it takes the typical Mp4 (multimedia system player), but this allows you to enjoy real full-size games of choice, such as Popeye, Mario, Donkey Kong and like all types of Gameboy Advance and Nintendo type of games and more! Also, it includes a camera, which many other devices do not. 
Large 4.3" Screen
Back View
Camera on the back
Comes with earbuds, so you can play the sound  as loud as you like!

Sd/TF Card Slot
On the top, there are ports for
charging cord, earbuds/headset, TV-out cord and the power button.
Powered On
Selections of games and other functions 
So just imagine having all your favorite things on one device, that you have control to what is placed in the memory of the system. Also, the memory card 8GB is the amount on this device, but with the SD card slot, you can add all types of games, movies, photos, music and more on each and have your own mini memory cartridges that can play different things when you take one out and put in the other. That means saving loads on each and taking up less space since they are tiny thing memory cards.
Voice Recorder
Calculator, Calendar, Stopwatch, and Library in tools
Now the controls are easy to use, very similar to any game system, PSP style. It's easy to move and control through all the options. Plus, no worries this being too heavy or any batteries needed since it's just a simple recharge and has a thing style design, just like a PSP slim style. Also, check out the nice size, 4.3" monitor which is excellent for viewing games on.
Long list of games installed on the system
Zombie Nation
Another game, Popeye
Just think of this Game Console by Minuteman Cell as a free console of space, that you can add in anything you'd like! No matter if you're interested in books, games, music, photos, and so many other things like videos, this system is able to let you play them in all the different formats. I finally like to say that this is such an awesome device! It not only allows you to have the game system to travel with but a multifunctional console for all different types of entertainment! It could be the perfect gift for any child or adult!
Classic Mario Game, one of my favorites already installed on the system. Plus a bunch of
other classic games are already loaded in the system.
Product Information:
Can be used as MP3, MP4 player, voice recorder, digital camera, video player, mini game player, DV camera, FM radio, picture viewer, text reader and memory storage 4.3" TFT screen Support RM, RMVB, 3GP, MP4, FLV, AVI, ASF, WMV, DAT, VOB, MPG video form

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