Wednesday, June 1, 2016

IPRO & FACTORY- 16 bit Handheld Game Console

The 16 bit Handheld Game Console by  IPRO and Factory is a terrific device that can travel and keep the kids or even adults busy! There are over 150 games you can play, with 100 built inside and even more with the one cartridge that comes included.
There is no need to buy any others or need a huge case to hold the games inside since it's all in one console and makes enjoying or having fun on the road simple!
Just think of a vacation and instead of taking a giant game bag, you can take one and keep your mind occupied for hours, which can be great for the kids in the backseat.
I find myself enjoying this any chance I get! The games are all the classics and play easily on this one device. You have Mario, Sonic, and so much more! The controls of the game system they work just like any handheld, which doesn't need to be pressed down hard to get the game to turn on, move your person or anything. Each button works as it should. The shape is like a PSP system, with a screen on the front. The screen is about 2.8inches in size, enough for viewing the entire game with ease. 
Now with this lovely device, you are also getting a case(perfect for traveling, charging cord(save on batteries), TV Cords(play the games on the big screen), and of course the cartridge and the handheld game console. So it's pretty much a great product and could make a great gift, without any need of anything else to get you started. Plus, for the quality in sound and visual, well it's excellent! The screen is clear enough to view the image and there isn't any faded areas, lines or anything disturbing you during a game. Also, the sound comes out clear, without and strange vibrations or odd sounds.
Finally, for a complete system, with 150+ games and everything included is just a terrific purchase and may I add an inexpensive one too! However, it's worth every cent!

Product Information:
  • New boxed games console which includes over 150+ Games
  • Comes complete with charger carry case and leads to connect to your TV directly
  • Pre-Built in games and additional cartridge included
  • Screen Size: 2.8 inch
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