Sunday, May 1, 2016

Great Deals for Games

Games are so much fun when you want to pass the time and journey into a world far from where you sit. It's easy to relax with a game of Tetris or bejeweled, it's easy to take the frustration out of your day with Rampage or Mortal Kombat, and it's super easy to feel unstoppable, strong and powerful with games like Super Mario, Avengers and much more!

So no matter the type of gamer you might be, there is always a game out there for you!

Therefore, I have a few great places listed below to help you find that game 
and at a decent price! Of course, Flea Markets and trade in shops have excellent chances to get those hard to find games and even priced reasonably low,
but for those who love to shop online, save gas and need an easier way to get the game they want, below is a few sites to check out.
Amazon - Always great if you have Prime and get free shipping, plus many other benefits! However, even without prime they have
awesome deals and great games to find from old and new listed.
Ebay - Another great place to shop at! You can find some wonderful offers and deals for all types of games.
ListiaThe one other shop is really not a store, but a place to get FREE items with points. This online site is called Listia, which I've been a member for awhile. They provide some great items from many different people. It's like your yard sale shop, where you place bids like eBay with a chance to win the item you want. It might seem like you have to pay to get points, but there are many chances to get free points and they do add up! Plus, you can sell you favorite items on this site and make more points and get rid of things you don't need anymore.

These are three sites I found to be a great place for gamers to collect and find some old and new games at great prices! 
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