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Temple Of Yog - Game Review

The game, Temple of Yog by CHUDCHUD Industries is a RPG single player game, where the Wii U gamepad and the Television is two different screens. One being seen as you adventuring in either light and the other in shadow. Now of course you can play it on the Wii U game pad and switch between the two on the same gamepad, but with the TV you have guidance to see what is blocking or coming up in the darkness or light depending on what realm you choose. However, the shadow and light, you do need to use both to get through the maze type lands. Therefore, the visual of the gameplay is up to you either on the TV, Wii U gamepad or both! 
For me this game is something I really do enjoy! Since, I'm a huge fan of RPG style games. I just love the storyline and role playing action, where I feel I'm the hero in the game and on my own adventure. So right away I can tell you, if your into a game that will give you a choice of hero from different guilds, which there are four types and taking on an adventure while defeating enemies in your path, than you will enjoy this game very much! 
Now for the game, Temple of Yog you are basically the hero embarking on an adventure through different parts of the land, while trying to make it to the temple. However, you come across many different enemies to defeat and maze type areas that need you to use both the shadow and light realm to get through. Of course, there are many skills you will learn on the way. You will also be able to gain more MP, HP, shadow time, and experience. Plus, you will be able to collect different items that can help power you up. 
So when you start the game, you are sent to a forest maze style land with engaging music and graphics that remind me of The Legends of Zelda for the SNES. Though, during the game you are trying to defeat these huge beasty creatures and going through different areas of the land in search for objects, while heading towards the temple. However, this isn't a simple game as it can be challenging with the huge enemies you meet and the paths you need to take to get through the area. Plus, there isn't just one or two enemies coming after you, most of the time it's 3-5 different types. Of course, my worse choice is to just run and try to pass through each without fighting, but that just makes it harder for me, while they all follow behind and team up to kill my player. 
The thing that I do like about the Temple Of Yog, is that it's not the same as some RPG games. It doesn't pull you into a fighting world, but instead you just battle these creatures from the same world your adventuring through! So, there is no slow down from going to a different screen and back again. It's just easier and more realistic fighting as a platform game. It's definitely action packed, when you're trying to use your weapon/magic to destroy these beast type enemies. Also, some of these enemies I speak about are like Giant Spiders, Wolf type creatures, Giant Plants and many more!
I also want to mention that this is just the first of the series, there are three more to be released and can be added to this game as soon as they are ready for you to update, which will give you PvP multiplayer fun and much more places to venture through. So you will have more to look forward too in the upcoming months! Finally, this game is very fun and a perfect adventure and RPG style game that will keep you entertained!
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Game Inforamtion:
System: Wii U eShop
Release Date: Dec 16th 2015
No. of Players: 1 player
Category: Role-Playing
Rated: E 10+
Price: $5.99
Publisher & Developer: CHUDCHUD Industries

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