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SteamWorld Heist - Game Review

The game, SteamWorld Heist is created by Image and Form Games. They have a few others that look to be just as great as this new one, which I had a chance to play and review. The game is filled with steam style robots and weapons to fight with! It's basically a strategy, turn based game that relies on perfect planning to defeat enemies and move through each part of the stage. I think what really appeals to me most of all is the space style scenery, the design of the steam robots and their stylish weapons. These robots are actually the heros, that you'll be controlling. They have so many different weapons and gear that can be equipped after collecting a few from the places you'll be searching into, but you can also purchase some. However, each item placed on the robot and used as a weapon, will have different ways to support you as well as cause damage to the enemy. Of course, in the beginning you don't really have much, but the guns you will start out with.
When playing the game, you can use the arrow keys to move the robot as many spaces available as needed to either open a door, collect some items or position yourself to shoot the enemy down. This is where the touchscreen plays a role on the 3DS. You need to choose the target image on the top right hand side to use the gun or another option available to you. Now if you do choose the gun, which is the best choice for attack in my opinion, you have to make a perfect aim at the enemy with the gun to destroy it. That can be a bit tricky because some areas of the stage can be tough to aim the gun and a few parts of the stage doesn't allow you to use any weapons. However, when you can use a gun, just plan on doing some clever positioning to angle or directly hit the enemy and destroy them. 
Now the game is basically seen on the top screen of the 3DS, where as the bottom is for the map of the stages your searching through. It gives you details to where each object or enemy of interest will be standing. So you have a heads up to what will be coming up or what you'll be facing as you move on. The only thing is that the map only shows the rooms where you open the doors or have been inside. If there are doors that still closed and not yet open, than the map will not show these areas. So it's always a surprise to what you'll be seeing in the next room. Now to finish each stage, you must complete the objective for the stage. This will allow you to exit and go back into the space ship, where you than move on to the next place you visit.

The game's graphics aren't too difficult to see what is going on during the game play and the music is quite a perfect match for the steampunk robotic game design. Now, this game does require some planning and deciding where to move or aim your weapons, which makes it really fun and uses the brain a little more to get the right aim to defeat each enemy before they get you! I could definitely keep busy playing this game all day long, as it is really fun and keeps me focusing on collecting what I need to for the each stage objective, and finding ways to destroy enemies and avoid attacks. 
Finally, it's definitely for those who love to setup attacks, those who just love to shoot weapons or enjoy puzzles because this has that puzzling like strategy type of feeling when your using the weapon to aim at the target. It could almost remind you of a bubble shooting game, where you aim at the right angle to hit the target. However, this game is totally fun with great graphics, robotic characters, weapons and provides plenty of challenging levels to play!
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Game Information:
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS, Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Wii U and iOS.
Release date: December 10, 2015 
Genres: Strategy, Action, 
Players: 1
Rated: E10+

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