Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rytmik Ultimate - Game Review

The game, Rytmik Ultimate is a wonderful music program for your 3DS console, created by Cinemax. It's a game that allows you to create music with so many different samples and instruments. Just imagine you can dive right in and change up any sample song and create something entirely new! However, you can even start from scratch, it's all up to you with this music program.
The sound that you hear is just like owning a real music synthesizer or instrument with the clear and crisp sounds that play through the 3DS speakers or headphones. I never really used a music programming device, but this is really neat to have one in my hands and I can take it everyplace I go. This is just a clever programming game that allows one to create music anyplace you want and with this game you can even share your saved creations and work with all of your friends. Plus, the saved music you create is than stored in  in the WAV format, and local storage of the device. So you can easily load it up and use it as you want.
Now I think for my first time ever trying something such as the Rytmik Ultimate, which allows me to create music, I have to say is just excellent! I enjoy the easy way to create a song with dragging and dropping with my stylus on the touch screen. Plus, how there are over 750 musical instruments I can use from the game. So I'm always going to have a new tune and new way to mix and change each part up. The Rytmik Ultimate allows me to be creative and design my own music, which doesn't get boring if you're like me and enjoy making your own songs and background music or just playing for fun. Now when I say you can make your own music with this program, I mean it actually allows you to modify, drag and drop different parts of waves, use different instruments and mix music clips together. So the possibilities are endless to what you can create with this game.
Finally, what I love is that I can create my own beats, my own songs and just have fun with this music program! It's more of a forever game to me, since it never ends. The fun is always there and I can just create as much as I like and share with everyone! I could use my own music for all different projects and it's all from this one game on my 3DS. Now with it being portable and travel friendly, that is a big plus! I love this music program and I'm so glad that Cinemax gave me a chance to try it out! I really hope you have a chance to check it out on December 10th when it releases for purchase! It really is a wonderful game for all music lovers.
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If you're interested to learn more, please follow the link below:
Site: http://rytmikultimate.com/blog/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/107803142978147484547
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNTUATik8UoWM4Sa6L83Svg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cinemaxgames

Game Inforamtion:
Title: Rytmik Ultimate
Platforms:Nintendo 3DS, Windows (Steam),iOS (iPad)
Genre: Music
Developer: Cinemax
Publisher: Cinemax
Regular Price: USD 17.99, EUR 17.99
Release date: December 10th, 2015

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