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Cube Life: Island Adventure - Game Review

The game, Cube Life Island Adventure is a game created by Cypronia and has been released in June. However, on December the game has been updated. If you never tried Cube Life Island Adventure, it's basically a game with a cube style, 3D design and people as well as enemies to match. You might even think it's quite like Minecraft. However, in this game you're stranded on an island and have to learn to survive by catching your own food, building a home to protect you, and of course avoiding the dangerous animals that are living on the island with you.
I first started playing this game today and yet I knew by the first view of the game, Minecraft came to mind. However, its a bit different. Now what you will be able to do in this game is explore and enjoy the 350+ tools and items you can use, create and play custom maps, and even fight large enemies. Plus, when you start out in the main menu, you can choose from three choices of game play. One of the choices is the Creative Mode, which allows you to build and construct your own designs in 3D style. Second, Survival Mode that allows you to play on the island and try to get everything you need to keep your health up and protected from dangerous wild creatures that live on the island too. The last choice, Multiplayer Mode is where your able to play either Deathmatch where you try to eliminate other players, Tower Defense is when you work with another to defeat enemies, or Cooperation mode is where your working another and able to build together.
Now the game play is just similar to Minecraft with the free to roam and you're the only one who can decide what you do to survive on the island. You do have those different items you'll collect like food to eat and boost your energy up, water to keep you hydrated and of course
the heart symbol that represents your life and how well your doing or if your near death. So there is some challenging parts to this game, almost reminds me of the Sims and Minecraft put together, which I do like both of those games. So this is actually very fun if you're into real life and free roaming. Therefore, I think as with this game the best part to me is the ability to do as I please, build these extraordinary buildings in Creative Mode, explore and survive in the Survival Mode and still get to play as a team with others or to defeat another with the Multiplayer Mode.
Finally, the game is very fun, never ending creative and imaginative play with survival tatics is pretty cool! I think if you loved Minecraft and want to try something with the similar game play, than you should try Cube Life Island Adventure. Also, there is going to be many new updates soon to come in 2016! Some are including bigger screen play, more pets, sharing custom maps and so much more!
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Game Information:
  • System Wii U
  • Release Date: June 4th 2015 (North America) and June 25, 2015 (Europe)
    • Update v1.1 -  Release Dates:
      • North America: December 22, 2015
      • Europe: January 07, 2016
    • Update v1.2 -  Planned Release Dates :
      • North America: February, 2016
      • Europe: February, 2016
  • No. of Players 1 player
  • Category First Person, Action
  • Publisher Cypronia
  • Developer Cypronia
  • Rated: E 10+
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