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Bombing Busters - Game Review

The game, Bombing Busters for the PS Vita was just released on December 7th. This game already was released for the PS4 earlier this year by the developers known as Sanuk Games. However, I am very thankful they came out with this puzzle game for the PS Vita console, which I just recently bought. Now Bombing Busters is a adventurous puzzle style game, which will keep you entertained through the many different stages you'll be playing through. It's very fun, exciting and challenging! 
Now, the game begins off with you entering in the tutorial stage or you can skip it and begin the first level. However, if you do go through the training level, you will learn about the bombs, how to move and control the robot.  After this training course, you move on to the real game play. When you do begin playing a stage, you'll notice each one has different enemies to defeat and different designed boards to venture through. You'll also notice the shape of the stage is square and full of objects and enemies. The first world you visit is known as the Fairy World, which is designed like a forest with tree stump like creatures, snails and much more forest enemies that are moving around the stage.  So your objective is to clear the world an defeat the enemies with the bombs. However, when using the bomb don't stand in that spot too long or it will cause damage to you as well. Now with your bombs you can get special power ups to make them stronger, by finding a new power up under any object that you blow up. This can be very helpful for you while defeating each enemy, especially the bosses! This game isn't difficult to understand, and yet it can be a bit challenging with the time limit you have to complete each stage and amount of enemies on the board to defeat, before they defeat you.
I think the gameplay is quite nice and very fun for all ages, from 10 and up! It's got plenty of puzzles to go through, with a total of  5 different worlds with many levels in each and 5 different bosses to defeat. The enemies are all different and can be easier to defeat, but the bosses will take more time to destroy since they're larger and stronger. 
The one thing that really caught my attention is the music, which there are 7 famous songs played during the game. These songs are familiar classical pieces, but the Sanuk Games made them just a bit more interesting to fit the game perfectly. Now, the last thing I'd like to mention is that in this game you have an option to play as a single player or with 2-4 others and when played together, you can defeat the each board together and work as a team.
Finally, this game is just a whole lot of bombing fun! It's puzzling and still very enjoyable for those who love to blow enemies up, looking for a challenge and want a game to play with a few friends, than this could really be entertaining and a terrific game to purchase. Also, it's made for children 10 and up, so it's meant to be fun for all ages and not too difficult to play!

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Game Information:
System Formats: PS Vita 
US Release Date: December 7th 2015 US Version
No. of Players: Single and Multiplayer Game
Category: Arcade, Puzzle
Priced: $6.99
Rated: E 10 +
Publisher and Developer: Sanuk Games

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