Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Word Party Wii U Game Review

Thanks to Lightwood Games I was able to try this exciting puzzle game with my friends and family! It's called Word Party and the copy I have is for the Wii U found in the eShop, which will be released on November 12th. Right away, I have to say what makes this even more exciting is that you can play with a few more people rather than just alone, about 2-5 others can join in on the fun!☺ 
Basically, the Word Party Game is packed with mini puzzles that you get to enjoy with your friends and family on the big screen. There are games likes Whack-A-Vowel, Spelling Bee, Space Blaster, and many more! One major thing I love about these games is that they are great for teaching and learning how to spell, learning new words and correctly writing them. However, it's so much fun, that you really don't realize your learning because it really feels like any fun puzzle game or party game, where you just enjoying the fun time your having with your friends and family members that are playing with you. So it's almost like having an extra bonus of learning while you enjoy playing.
I would have to say that after playing each mini puzzle game with my family, I felt my brain being used more often to figure out what word or letters I'll need to use next to make a word. Of course, my goal was to try to win over my Mom, sister and few other friends that played along with me. Therefore, when playing the many different mini games such as Spelling Bee, I wanted to do my best and spell each word correctly before the time is up and getting as many  points added to my score. Right away, I really can tell you is that the Word Party Game brings happiness to everyone who plays and allows you to use your brain more often to solve many types of word puzzles. Even my Mom, the one who loves word games really enjoyed this party game. It kept us up for a few hours having a great time solving puzzles and trying to beat each other!
Also, out of the entire selection of mini games, there was one game I really did enjoy playing the most. That one was the Word Factory, where your able to build your robot with letters to spell words, each piece has two letters and needs to be placed on each other for a correct word to get points added to your score. Also, in this game you need to create 6 letter words. It's actually a bit challenging and the time is short, so you really need to act fast and figure those words out correctly! Now, depending on how hard or easy the game is, I don't think of the game to be to easy because it does get hard figuring out larger words in each mini game or using only certain letters to create a word and it does take some concentration, focusing and fast thinking to figure out the words in each puzzle and the time that is ticking fast! So, it is a bit challenging to get the right spelling or finishing up your turn correctly depending on the mini game your playing. 
Finally, this is a game that is great for everyone, young or old to  join in and even a perfect game for all puzzle lovers. Plus, this game can make for a perfect party game for the holidays or any other day you want to enjoy a game with friends and family. I think from everyone who joined me in this game play, had a great time! They couldn't stop laughing from the mistakes or even just enjoying the excitement the game had to offer. Therefore, I love it and will continue to enjoy playing with my friends and family! ☺♥
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