Friday, November 6, 2015

USPRO Wired USB Gamepad, Controller for PC & Xbox 360, Red

The USPPRO Wired Gamepad is excellent! I always loved a plug in controller since it's easier than spending money for batteries, and everything is together, no charging required!
The controller is such a lovely shade of red and still has the classic Xbox 360 colored keys. Also the controls, directional keys and analog controls are very easy to move and use just like the original controller that comes with the system.
Favorite Parts of the USPRO Controller:
  • Design -The cord size and controller are equally similar to the traditional controller, but the only difference is the color option.
  • Comfort - Same size controller with the similar comfort to gripping the handles. 
  • Cord - Flexible cord, easy to sit or position the controller left or right, without loosing connection or ruining the cord.
  • Color - Choice of color as I have bought the red color.
  • Two Uses - Xbox 360 or Windows PC.

Finally, It's an excellent backup controller with a lovely choice in color. Everything works great and it can be used on the PC as a controller too!

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