Wednesday, November 25, 2015

USPRO - Gaming Accessories

The Headphone Audio Adapter by USPRO really works great on my Xbox 360 Controller! The small gadget connects right the the controller and allows you to insert a headset with mic for instantly chatting and personal listening to the game with my friends/family. This little adapter is very easy to attach, fits right into the controller. Than I just insert the right cords to the Microphone and Headphone ports below. The best part, I don't have to remember, which cord goes where because of the microphone and headset image printed on the device. 
Finally the device works great, easy to use, portable and if not in use can store simply! However, I always have it plugged in and ready for me!

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 The Wired USB Gamepad is just excellent, as I already know by the other USPRO Controller I bought! This one is lovely in the baby pink color and has the similar Xbox 360 colored buttons, with each analog key in perfect placement. There really isn't anything off or wrong about the controller, it works exactly like the original that comes in the box with the system. 
I love it because I get the same quality of the original, in a color I like, and it's always fun to have a second for backup or to play with friends.☺
Features I love about this controller:
  • Corded - No way to lose the plug, everything is easy to insert and get playing right away!
  • Color - Choice of a lovely color, this is a beautiful light pink and they have many other colors.♥
  • Design - Flexible cord, that allows you to move around with the controller and not be stuck in one spot, plus won't cause damage from excessive bending or changing positions. The cord is even a nice long size, so I don't need to sit so close to the system or TV. Each buttons is easy to press and move left, right, up and down. Everything is just the same, even the nice quality built of the controller!
  • Personalize - Adds a bit of personalize with the color choice.
Finally, it's a great controller and similar to the original in every way, but has a nice color!
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 The USPRO DS AC Adapter can be an additional charger, that adds as a back up and works just the same as the original! It is an excellent Charger by USPRO and even for an inexpensive price tag, the quality is outstanding! However, I found that it really works great for the a Gameboy Advance handheld . I love the easy portability with this cord, since the prongs that fold away when not in use. It's simple to store, less chance of becoming ruined and instantly charges my device easily.☺
It's perfect for all US Standard outlets and a great back up or replacement charging cord for the Gameboy System or Ds.

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I love the silicone skin protector! It easily fits on the Xbox 360 controller, no matter the brand! The protection is wonderful, but the design allows me to change the ordinary color
to something more my own. There are so many to choose from in the shop, but I found the blue and white mix look to be very nice. 
Features I love about the Silicone USPRO Xbox 360 Cameo Cover:
  • Protection - Protects the controller, while adding color.
  • Stays On - After stretching the silicone cover on to my controller, it stays on very well and doesn't fall off.
  • Design - The access to all buttons are able to be reached, the cover doesn't cover anything else up but the controller's surface. The silicone makes the handles easy to grip, non slip and if needed simple to wipe down/clean!
Finally, it adds something to my controller, personalizing it the way I like as well as protection!

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