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Totem Topple - Game Review

The Wii U game Totem Topple created by Crystalline Green is one of the most fun tower defense and arcade game you can purchase for the Wii U or PC! However, this game will be available for either system on November 19th when it releases. I was lucky enough to get to try the game ahead of time. Now, unlike the traditional tower defense games, this one is more based on you building a totem defense team going up! There is still plenty of choices between the totem pieces you can choose from and set up the way you want. All I know is that this game is still very good and captures my attention every time I play it!
The basic concept of the game Totem Topple is that you build your totem tower with the many different designed shaped heads such as wolves, deer, bears and more. Of course, each head is meant to provide you your life span. So once they are all destroyed, the game is over. However, the way you fight back is with the bird beaks that you attach to each head and that is what will shoot back at the enemies providing you defense to keep building your totem up! Once you destroy the many enemies in each wave you win and move on to a new wave and purchase more heads with what you've earned.
If I did have to choose a favorite totem topper it would have to be the deer The reason being is that this topper has just a cute shape and my favorite animal of choice, but honestly each one is very nicely designed and has great power to take down these enemy objects, trying to attack me!Now for the design, it's very simple and yet has that artistic Native American style. Plus, the sound effects add to that classic arcade feel and motivation to keep on destroying and building your totem up. It's definitely something that I can see playing any time of the day, since I love strategy games that allows me to destroy objects and have the freedom to construct my own defense.
Finally, if your interested in building up your totem, destroying objects, preventing them from causing damage, and having total control of your defense team, than this is a great game for you! Totem Topple is definitely a game for all lovers of strategy, arcade style and even those who love battling. Just think, it can be a wonderful way to relax and unwind from the day by taking down some enemies with the game Totem Topple.

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Game Information:
Release Date: 19th November (North America, EU)
Price: USD$2.99 / EUR€2.99
Genre: Strategy, Arcade
Players: 1
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Platforms: Wii U, PC

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