Sunday, November 8, 2015

Toki Tori 3D Game Review

Toki Tori 3D is a game by Two Tribes, and let me say it's really cute and fun puzzle game! I had a chance to download the copy for my 3DS as it just released on November 5th. 
Now, the game is based around you the hero trying to collect your Egg friends.  However, you have to avoid the danger from all different creatures and depending on the location, there are areas/spots that you may want to steer clear from.
First off, the hero which you play as is Toki Tori the yellow chicken, which reminds me of a cute egg shaped yellow bird. His skills aren't huge, except for the simple abilities to jump and moving items around the game. It may seem like a very simple game, but there are parts where you need to concentrate more to collect your eggs, which you do in every level. Each of your egg friends are placed all over and need your help collect them. Plus, there are the additional objects in the world, to help give you leverage to reach your friends. Sometimes the level may seem super simple, but it does get trickier and harder as the go on.
So to keep in mind, the way to finish a level is to collect all those egg pals and watch out from any danger that may get in your way. Also, before I forget you do have a choice to rewind or fast forward the game play to try and find a better solution to the puzzle.☺
I really think this a fun adventurous game with loads of puzzles to solve and something that will keep you busy for a long road trip or keep your mind busy when your bored.
I find myself enjoying every single moment and enjoy figuring out ways to solve the puzzles. The actual game is a recreated version of the traditional Game Boy Color game. So it may bring back memories of the old classic, but just in a 3D style! The color and graphics are excellent, the fun factor is high and so is the challenges! Your definitely never going to be bored with this game. 
So yes, It is such a fun game for adults, children and pretty much anyone! It gets the brain working and allows you to play as a cute little chicken to save your friends. It's Definitely for the puzzle lovers, such as I!

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