Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Magic Hammer Game Review

The game, The Magic Hammer is a an open-world action RPG game, created by Wobbly Tooth. This is one of most cutest games I've played!  When you do look at the land you'll be adventuring around, you'll notice the area appears like a 16 bit 3D style design. Even the characters in the game are shaped similar. However, you do get to choose what you want your hero to look like, by choosing the face, clothing and if you want to be either a male or female. Whatever you choose, the adventure will always be the same each time you restart as someone new.
During the game you'll meet many different enemies to fight, such as skulls and solider type characters. Sometimes when not paying attention, you'll notice they will come up to you and start attacking. However, with the weapons and magic you acquire you can fight back and destroy them. Also, there are other friends you'll meet in the land as well, which will have quests for you to complete, like retrieving missing or lost items. You do have the freedom to complete each quest the way you want, by accomplishing the first task or start another one that was requested. 
So in the beginning, you will start off creating the awesome hero you want to be. Than, you begin the game by going to talk to the elder in town. That is where you'll obtain the magical hammer that no one, but you could remove from the stone. Now that you've gotten the hammer, you are than put on your first quest and from there many more will be acquired. Of course, like many RPG games I've played and you probably have too, this game allows you to increase experience by battling more enemies. This will not only allow you to level up, but become stronger and learn new magical skills. Plus, by completing a few quests, you'll also begin to move on to different realms and find new animals to tame as well as more enemies to fight. Plus, when ever you need to take a break from the game, you can easily save and quit anyplace and start up back at the same location.
Now, I think the game is already really great with the quests, magic, and enemies you get to fight. However, Wobbly Tooth made this game even better by allowing the option to invite your friends or others from all over the internet to join in on your adventure. Therefore, you don't have to go on the journey alone! Instead, you can invite friends over local play or the internet to join in on the action. For me, this is something I always enjoy! I can have friends from all over to help join me in the game play, making the adventure fun and easier when someone else can help battle the enemies with me.  

Finally, I really think that Wobbly Tooth did a great job with this game. I love the graphics, it's perfect for all ages, the ability to design my own hero and the challenging quests I have to complete in this game. Therefore, this is a great RPG game for those who are up for an adventure!

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Game Information:
Platform:  Xbox 360, PC, iPhone and Nintendo 3DS.
Release Date: Oct. 15 2015
Category: Action, Adventure
Publisher: Wobbly Tooth
Rated: E 

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