Friday, November 13, 2015

Test Your Mind - Game Review

Recently, I had a chance to try this new puzzle game called Test Your Mind, by the creators XenoHorizon. This is actually their second game they've created, as their first is called Arrow Time U. Both of them focuses on your brain's ability to solve challenging puzzles. However, I can tell you from the game, Test Your Mind that they did an excellent job creating a fun way to learn and build your brains ability to focus, concentrate and solve problems quickly! However, it takes a few tries to solve some of the puzzles, but if worked on daily, you'll really help improve the way your brain processes and works out a solution to everyday problems. In my opinion of this game, I feel as if it's a workout for the mind. Instead, of lifting heavy weights, your using your brains ability to think fast, figure out difficult brain teasers and solve problems quickly.  
Basically the game is broken up into three main categories, which you have the choice to choose from. The main three categories are called Mind Breeze, Mind Tease and Mind Burst. They all have a few different puzzles to stimulate your brain, while you try to figure them out quickly. However, each time you enter one of the categories listed above, the set of puzzles in that game are changed and not the same as the first time you played. There are some that are simple and some that require more concentration on what is really being asked or not asked. So yes, it will get your mind going and focusing on the challenges in front of you. Also, there is one good thing that comes out of achieving a high score and that is the final grade. At the end of each test, your given an alphabetical grade which will show how well your doing.
Now, there is one other option I haven't mentioned yet and that is to go against another in a Memory Wars challenge. This is where you can try to beat your opponent and see who can come up on top by recalling all the images correctly seen on the page. It's very fun and a great way to see how much better your brain is towards another. Now with that said, I did actually have a favorite mini game, even if these mini challenge games are really short. This game was the one where you have 9 lights to turn on. Since, I use to own a handheld game that focused mainly on turning each light off, except this mini game you have to turn them on to complete the challenge.
Finally, I feel this game is very nicely designed and has such a simple setup of mini puzzles that really help you focus better. So honestly this would be a perfect game if you love puzzles, want to improve your memory and if you love being challenged!

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Game Information:
Developer: XenoHorizon 
Genre: Brain-Teaser, Puzzle, Memory 
# of Players: 1-2 
Platform: Wii U eShop 
Rating: E for Everyone (6+)
Release Date: November 12th, 2015 
Initial Price: $2.99 (U.S.)

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