Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Game Review

I just finished up playing a round of Konami's recently released game Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PES 2016). All I can say is that the game experience was excellent! I was drawn in by the realistic and clear graphics, the emotions of the players, and the exciting moves that were able to be made during the game. I felt like I was really in the game, playing as part of the team and controlling each move I wanted to make. That is why I love the New PES 2016 as it gives you that more in game experience. 
Now this game is perfect for soccer and sport fans! It's packed with excitement and the action will get you screaming at your television as if your at a real game. When you see the graphics, which was the first thing I noticed, while playing this game. You don't get the feeling of a video game, but that your watching soccer on your television. It's just that realistic and with the addition of the sound effects and music, it just adds to the entire realistic effect.
What makes having the ability to control your own team in PES 2016 is that you can dress them up in your choice of the uniforms, picking from what skilled player you'd like on your team and even control how the team celebrates when making a goal. It really gives you that feeling that your really in control of every part of the game from the action on field to the personalizing of your team. 
There is one thing that always makes a game's scenery feel real and Konami made sure to keep on top of that. This would be the weather and the sound effects that go along with it. As you play, the weather changes and doesn't stay the same. Plus, the realistic sound effects that you get when your outdoors, can be heard when playing as well!. I felt right away, when the background began to change it just mad the entire game feel perfectly realistic and more that your at a real game, than one that your playing at home. Now moving on to the players, you have the opportunity to choose the team you want. As always, you'll still be able  to add or change the look of the team. Also, the 2016 game still allows you to use the myClub coin purchasing system as there was in the PES 2015. So you can still spend it towards new players and many other purchases in the game. 
Now as always, you are in charge just like the team coach and can set each player at every position you like.  During the game play, you still have the choice of switching from every player on the team to kick the ball into the goal! Plus, the camera is now able to capture the game play closer up and the performance has been improved to look realistic and  easier to see the action as it should be seen. However, the game still provides excellent action and that true soccer feeling you get when at a real stadium watching the game play or even when playing those older versions on you game system. . Therefore, when compared with the recent and the other versions of soccer games, I really can say the experience and improvements in the game is just the best yet!
Before I forget, there is one thing that makes any game better and that is when you can invite your friends or others from all over to play against you. I always find myself enjoying any game when I can verse a friend or another. It just makes the game more eventful, exciting and challenging! Just like playing any competitive sport outdoors, anything with another human opponent can make anything feel exciting than without!  So Like many sport games I've played, I would have to say Konami did a wonderful job with the realistic sounds, scenery, characters, and the game play. Finally, if your a Soccer lover and one who enjoyed PES 2015 or even the other versions, than you'll really want to get your hands on the 2016 version by Konami, it won't disappoint! ☺♥

Game Information:
Formats: PlayStation 4,  PlayStation 3,  Xbox One,  Xbox 360, and PC
Release Date:  Sept. 15 Americas / Sept. 17 EU / Sept. 18 UK
Product Page URL:  Pes.konami.com

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To learn more about PES 2016, please check out the links below:
Site: https://pes.konami.com/us/pes2016/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PES
Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialpes
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/pesleague
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/officialpes

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