Friday, November 13, 2015

Kootek® 4 Ports GameCube Controller Converter Adapter for Nintendo Wii U and PC USB

The Kootek 4 ports Gamecube Converter Adapter is really useful for adding a controller to play the games on my Wii U system and even the computer. It's super simple to plug right into the devices USB Port and allows full use of the Gamecube controller. Plus, four ports for four controllers to be added into the adapter for use!
There are no problems, with connecting the cords into either my PC or Wii U, it's instant I can use the controller and everything works and runs fine! I think it's a great little addition for any game player, who loves to use a controller to move and play games with.
Very inexpensive and great way to play my old GameCube controller on a Wii U or PC.☺

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