Monday, November 23, 2015

HellDivers - Game Review

Today I was lucky enough to receive an early Press Beta Key to play HellDivers for the PC. This is a shooting game created by the Arrowhead Game Studios, and will be fully released on December 7th. The game, HellDivers is about saving Super Earth in a space theme setting and it's basically your hardcore shooting game. You play as the heroes, HellDivers taking on missions and defeating enemies on different planets.  
Now the main goal of the game is for you to help protect Super Earth by defeating the enemies on each mission and collecting certain items/technology. However, with this game you can join in with others to help you, either local or over around the world. Of course with a few friends helping out, each will be contributing to the same campaign which helps all of you in the long run. Plus, HellDivers is a game that includes the ability to friendly shoot, which allows you to shoot your friends that aren't the enemy and kill them as well. However, it won't cause total damage and they will be revived again. That to me, adds a little laughter and just a fun addition. 
I find this game to be very engaging and keeps me extremely entertained! It's full of shooting the enemies down with well built weapons and a tiny bit of strategy as well as team work, when played with others. Plus, there are missions to complete, you actually have the choice of the different weapons and customizing your character before starting. I feel like it pulls me into the game and I am the hero battling enemies, which are these gruesome looking Space Bugs, Cyborgs, Illuminates and many more! It's very addicting, keeps me focused for hours on end with non-stop shooting! I do find myself screaming at the screen when getting killed and also cheering on my team of friends as we take down a group of these bugs and other type of enemies. The hardest part is that some of these enemies take longer to kill such as the Cyborgs. They have those protected, heavy armor and weapons that make them difficult to shoot down, but after awhile they will have the same fate as many of my other enemies I shot.☺
Now for the graphics and sounds heard during game play, I would consider it to be perfect for the space theme. There was no strange appearances or glitches that occurred on my PC, while playing. The quality of the armor and the military style characters/heroes are very well designed to look realistic and fit the theme of the game. I did enjoy how they created these enemies to look not like any alien you've seen before, giving them an entirely different personalized design for this game especially! The equipment and weapons of choice are all well fitted for the hero. It's definitely a game that will keep you occupied for a while, with full set of missions to accomplish on each planet. 
Finally, I feel this game allows for a ton of shooting, battling and missions to keep everyone, even myself playing for hours! It's great for a 1-4 players and anyone who enjoys a great mission to defeat enemies for the win!
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Game Information:
Platforms: PS3, PS4, PS VITA and PS TV, PC (Steam)
Cross-buy and cross-play between all PlayStation systems
No cross-play between PlayStation and PC
Developer: Arrowhead Game Studios
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Genre: Hardcore, cooperative, twin stick shooter
Players: 1 – 4, Single and multiplayer
Development team size: 10 – 12 people
Release Date: December 7th
Rated: T

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