Thursday, November 19, 2015

Digfender - Game Review

The game known as Digfender, by Mugshot Games has just been released for purchase in the Google Play Store. I was lucky enough to get a taste of the game ahead a time, and let me tell you that this game is awesome! The main goal of this game is to take your shovel and prepare your self for attack, while searching for valuable treasure hidden beneath the castle. The treasure that you do find, gives you that extra boost of money to help you buy more defensive towers to attack the enemies with.
In away this game reminds me of a mix between Plants vs Zombies and Dig Dug. However, it is your classic strategy game that depends on you setting up towers to shoot down the enemies in each wave. There is of course an easy way to get more defense towers and that is to dig with your shovel towards any jewel or gold coin you can see underground. You can decide to buy all different types, which will allow you to attack each enemy in a different way. Of course, the most expensive towers will attack better and faster than the least expensive. However, it's also great to just have enough towers to defend your castle from attack, that way your never going to let the enemies come crashing into to your castle. 
I really have to say after playing a few of these waves, I never got bored! It's honestly eventful, such a great thinking game, requires perfect placement and planning and a little bit of work to find treasure for more added defense on your team. Also, the graphics are terrific as is the challenging levels, which there are 60 in total. This is an excellent game I love to play! It has the bright colors, challenges and sounds it's just excellent! Plus, the ability to play with a friend in survival mode is even better! Finally, I think this game would be perfect for puzzle lovers, those who enjoyed Plants vs Zombies or similar strategy games that can enjoy many different, challenging levels that come your way.

Video Trailer:

Game Information:
DEVELOPER: Mugshot Games
PLATFORMS: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
RELEASE DATE: November 19, 2015
RATING: ESRB - E / PEGI - 3 / USK - 6 / ACB - PG / ClassInd - L / IARC - 3
PRICE: Free, supported by advertising and in-app purchases

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