Monday, November 9, 2015

Dialon Mega Bass Perfect Sound In-ear Wired Sports Headphone with Microphone

The Dialon black headset is very sleek and works great for game systems! I always feel having a great pair of earbuds for game play is essential, since it allows myself the pleasure to blast the volume and get the full effect. However, it can work for all different devices and music players. The sound is excellent and so is the quality of the product. What I also enjoy is the low price, under $15 and free shipping! Honestly, nothing beats a great pair that also allows phone calls to come through and I can use the mic to talk take them as well!

Features that I enjoy about this pair of Earbuds:
  • Comfortable Fit - Stays in my ears for long periods of time.
  • Easy to Use - I can easily access the microphone, insert the product to my device of choice, and place into ears.
  • Quality sound - Excellent sound, very clear like CD quality. 
  • Design - Light weight and easy to use design.
  • Color - Works for everyone and makes for a great gift, black or white.

Finally, this is  perfect for gaming, all different types of PCs, MP3/MP4 players! Excellent price too!

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