Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cutie Pets Pick Berries - Game Review

The game, Cutie Pets Pick Berries for the Wii U was created by the Yazar Media group. They are a new company creating some fun and puzzling games that are sure to bring smiles to everyone in the family! I actually just started playing the newly released game, Cutie Pets Pick Berries, which was recently released on October 22nd. This game is just so adorable with the cute deer that are seen during the game, while you are picking the vibrant and delicious fruit.
Basically the game is about you trying to be as fast as possible to match all the berries and fruits that look the same together. However, there is one more thing that may keep you from achieving a high score and that is the timer. You only have so much time in each round to collect the fruit and berries, before the timer runs out! It may seem very easy in the beginning to match all the similar fruits in the circle. However, after a few rounds the timer picks up and you need to go faster. For me, when I play the game I find myself never slowing down, since speed is really needed when completing each round. After one round is over, the next board pops up quickly and so does the timer! However, if time runs out the game ends, but but if I succeed on each round by collecting every fruit in the time giving, than I get to unlock a cute stamp to post to the Miiverse and share my achievement!
It's definitely an excellent puzzle game, very easy to grasp and understand. You will surely be motivated to keep going and focusing on getting the best score possible! It's totally challenging, fun and just addictive! I think the best part is that you can always try to beat your score from the beginning and get new stamps to post. 
I just adore the cute deer in the background and how bright the graphics really are! It's so colorful and so friendly for everyone in the family to enjoy. I can find myself playing this game every time I need a break from reality and want to test how fast I can collect every fruit before time runs out! Finally, if your looking for a fun puzzle that will keep you going when the time is ticking down, than this is one you should try out!

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Game Information:
System: Wii U
Release Date: Oct 22, 2015
No. of Players: 1 player
Category: Puzzles
Publisher and Developer: Yazar Media Group LLC

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