Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Christmas Adventure of Rocket Penguin - Game Review

The game, Christmas Adventures of Rocket Penguin is created by Petite Games and let me say it's such a cute and adorable game for the entire family to play! This is like a twist of adventure and arcade style gaming. You are in control to correctly guide the penguin to the ending 
without getting hurt by any of the dangers around you, which they are cute little bad guys that are placed all over and try to reduce your speed once hit. However, if you do get hurt, than you need to quickly refuel yourself with the present boxes to boost your speed and keep you going!  It's definitely a simple game to understand and I love that type of no need to think too hard or figure out a strategy to finish the game and win. Instead, your just using a stylus, guiding the penguin and avoiding danger that will cause damage to your speed.
There is two game modes to choose from, either classic mode or hard mode. Of course, hard will be more challenging and the classic mode gives you the average game play. I find myself more for the classic game as it's easy to start off with and after that I'll do more of the hard mode and try to beat my score each time! However, another fun part of this game is that you can play in multiplayer mode, but with this mode you don't need another controller or another person over the internet. Instead, you share the Wii U controller and take turns. I absolutely love this game! I'll probably say that so much, but really its just so much fun.☺
It's definitely keeps you playing, since your part of the game. You have the Christmas music playing in the background giving you that festive, holiday feeling while playing a fun arcade style game! The graphics are bright and cute. I love the snowy style scenery and the penguin, which is gliding down on it's belly to the finish line.
For a fun game, it's a definite one to get for the entire family to enjoy! These are games I like to play every time I get bored. It's not only just fun, but since Christmas is around the corner this game makes me feel in that happy festive mood! Therefore, I love the design, the sound and the Christmas music that plays in the background. Wonderful game Petite Games!

Video Demo

Game Information:
Format: WiiU download eShop
Released: Nov 5th
Genre: Adventure, Arcade
Rating: E 

If your interested to learn more about Christams Advneture of Rocket Penguin and Petite Games, please follow the link below:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PetiteGames
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRBddQcKPO0kDJuT_qMCVyA

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