Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Affordable Space Adventures for Wii U - Game Review

The game, Affordable Space Adventures is created by KnapNok Games and Nifflas' Games. So far, what I've played I think it's an awesome space and puzzle game! I love that your controlling a space ship through many different puzzling places, traveling through all types of areas that start off easy and gets harder as you play. The space craft your flying is a small ship with few abilities. However, when you continue to move through the different levels and areas, you obtain new parts to the ship allowing you more abilities to use. Some of these abilities are a light to view items, speed up and slow down, and many more. Plus, actually the game allows you to invite your friends along with you to join in on the journey, up to 3 players. 
The game is pretty fun, very nice scenery and you're traveling through each area, avoiding the surroundings objects that may cause you damage and ruin your ship. The puzzles are all different and with the little ship you fly, you can use the controls of the Wii U game pad to direct the ship around the world. However, you must remember to try and avoid any type of object or enemy that may cause damage or attack you. Now, there are worlds where the levels are a bit tight and hard to get the ship through, but if your great at flying and using the controls on the Wii U game pad, than this shouldn't be a problem!
I find myself enjoying the different places with the background designs. It to me, looks like beautiful art, that I get to see while playing through each level. Plus, the difficulty in each area makes this game more eventful and fun to try to accomplish! Now, the sounds and effects are perfect with the game. I think my favorite feature is that I can work with my friends/family and control the trip together. Trying to find the way to the exit and being a team to do so! It's definitely a game for puzzle and space lovers. Plus those who love playing as a team, with friends or family members. I really enjoyed playing this game and I think you'll enjoy it just as much! ☺

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Affordable Space Adventures For Wii U

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