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A Land Fit For Heroes by Richard Morgan - Android Game Review

A Land Fit For Heroes was written by Richard Morgan and also based on his dark book trilogy. It's one of the newest released from the Liber Primus Games Group. The game is perfectly fine for ages 17+ and is a turn based game, RPG. The game is based around one main quest with many challenges and mini quest that come up along the way. 
The game starts with you choosing the strength, dexterity, and hit points of the three characters you'll have in your team, Kirellin, Ilaria and Calnar. Than when you start, you'll notice it's like a book. The game play reads as a book and you decide which step you'll take next. However, when you go into battle with the enemies, your brought into a board type arena that you move your player/players on your team when it's your turn. from space to space. By the way, The game is able to be played in single and multiplayer for Android or iOS. The version I've been playing and so far enjoying is the Android version.
I first want to say I love Indie games, they are so creative and always new from the traditional big company games. So first off I can tell you the graphics are pretty nice and it's not to difficult to play through. It's very easy to see the screen, without it being to dark and difficult. The arena, when ready to battle the enemy is shaped like a square board, which resembles the outdoors ground. From the arrival into the fighting arena, your basically going to be taking turns moving your team/players close the the enemy for attack. Each of the heroes/players look like little game markers, with the small round base and the image of each one in a square sharped box on top and their life bar. When your turn is up, a green outline will form around the player/hero of choosing and you can move the many steps from the roll of dice, towards or away from your opponent, choosing your option for attack, rune magic, and more.
The game is very easy to grasp, even if it's your first time playing any turn based game. There is plenty of in between story with new challenges, quests that come up during the main objective. What makes this even more fun is that you can get your friends to join in. They can join in to help you complete missions and work together to fight the evil enemies that get in the way. That is something I love! You get more fun than just playing alone, but with friends as well in Multiplayer mode.

Finally, the game is excellent for friends to join in, for an adventurous story type quest, and those who love turn based games, this is a nice one! So there really is nothing bad or boring about this game, I actually love it even better than many turn based games I've played. ☺♥

Here is some information about each Hero in the game:
Kirellin of House Caith 
Kirellin is a war veteran, last member of the 51st Rangers. His entire squadron died at Rajal Beach, where the humans and their allies, the Kiriath, suffered a devastating defeat against the Scaled Folk.
He is brooding ever since, suffering from massive post-traumatic stress, unable to find joy in life. He’s carrying two identical falchions, made of Kiriath steel and he’s unbeatable in combat. He doesn’t take joy in killing people, but he’s very good in it.
Kirellin is doing everything he can to restore the Trelayne League House Caith to its former glory, so when his father calls for his help to find missing children in the marshes, he’s eager to assist.

Ilaria, Thief of Yhelteth
Ilaria was a street urchin in Yhelteth, capital city of the Empire. She’s been used, abused and tortured in her childhood, which made her a broken avenger, who hides her true feelings and the only thing she’s showing is anger.
She doesn’t trust anybody, not even her lovers, who are great in number in every corner of the city. Ilaria doesn’t have a family so she’s got nothing to loose, but this makes her sad who knows in her heart that she has no true future.
She is unusually good with machinery, not even the most complicated locks or traps can stop her. Ilaria has very strange, violet eyes. Unfortunately she’s not very good at saving money, so when one of the well-known figures of the Yhelteth underworld approaches her with a high paying job, she’s more than ready to listen.

Calnar, the Majak Warrior
Calnar is a Majak Warrior of the Ishlinak tribe. A big, muscular man wielding the staff-lance, ancient weapon of the Majaks. Saying that his childhood was troublesome is a serious understatement, he’s carrying the wounds his father caused both on his body and in his soul.
But his father is dead now. When Calnar meets Egar, the famous Majak war hero in the tavern of Ishlin-Ichan who tells him that he has seen the ghost of his father in a necropolis near the Dashara Pass, Calnar cannot resist the temptation of seeing his hated old man one more time.

The trailer and game play of this game can be found below:
Game Play

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