Thursday, October 29, 2015

Zoombinis - An Epic Journey of Logic and Fun! Review

Thanks to TERC Games, I was able to relive my favorite childhood learning game, the Zoombinis. When I was a child, the game to me was fun and I use to play it as a child during school. Plus, the bonus of learning to think on my feet, while solving puzzles and figuring out solutions. So to get to revisit a game I use to play, on a device I can take anyplace just sounded great! The best part is that for children, this game is so helpful to learn to focus on the puzzles and try to figure out solutions using math, reasoning and even more use of the brain! Also, to mention the game is available for Google Android devices and you can also get it for Steam, Windows, Amazon Kindle, and Mac.  
Now for the game, it's basically a learning program that allows you to have fun and learn some logic and reasoning, while figuring out the puzzles in the game. Ok so here we go! In the beginning you've got characters that are all blue and called Zoombinis. Each of them are up to you to design and as different as you like. Some could be girls, some having shoes and glasses and so much other different styles, but you could also use the quick die or dice to choose an instant character without making your own. Now for the main goal of the game, you have to help the Zoombinis reach their new home and to do that, they need to solve all sorts of challenges on the way. The challenges are all different, making it harder each time and making the players mind work more to figure them out! Therefore, there is a ton of situations and problems to figure out during the game, which keeps you on your feet and using your brain to figure them out! 
For me, the experience is still really good! It's very enjoyable for young kids that love games and for educators who want to help them learn to think on the spot. It really does help build the brain and make you resolve and find solutions to problems a lot quicker! Now, there is one thing about this game, It's not all easy and simple. Instead, it's a little bit tricky as the goal to keep all your zoombinis with you till the end can be a bit hard. Even if you get a few to the end, you still succeed. However, if you want to challenge yourself even more, than try to get every single Zoombinis to the end. Plus, you can even make the game harder by selecting the diffculty setting in the beginning.
Finally, my final feelings towards this game is that it's great for children to use math skills, use logic and keep their-selves engaged in so much of a fun adventure ahead of them! It still can be very challenging for adults and still it's quite a blast and a fun game to play!

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