Saturday, October 31, 2015

Slender The Arrival For Wii U Review

 Since Halloween I've been trying this new game out, known as Slender The Arrival, which is an expanded and even better version of the original game, Slender The Eight Pages. This game was created by the Blue Isle Studios and Parsec Productions. The version I've played was for the Wii U and it's by far one of the most scariest games I've played recently, making it a perfect game for release in October! 
Now the game is based on a a spooky and evil character, known as Slender Man. This character is like a no face demon who is out to kill and harm you, no matter what! However, your the character named Lauren who is pretty much searching for Kate, since she was missing once you arrived at her house.  So while searching, you'll be placed in different areas to try and figure out all types of puzzles. What I find to be the best thing to do to survive each chapter is to avoid the Slender Man and try to solve these puzzles and move on to the next chapter. Within the game, there are many places to explore, as your abandoned in areas where there is no one around to help you. It's up to you, to go alone in each area that you visit such as abandoned houses, mountain areas, the forest and many more places to help figure out where Kate has gone too. 
Of course each level or chapter, there are different puzzles you'll have to figure out and complete to move on. So the game play is always a little scarier and different from each location your placed into. Plus, most scenes are very quiet, with some being so dark that it just makes the game even a bit more scarier to play. I think right after a little bit of play time, I was just scared of the quiet spaces, scary music and the dark not knowing what may pop out at me. Plus, no one is around and you have to go it alone, which if this was me in the game I would be hiding someplace or finding my way home fast!  However, after progressing through each chapter, you'll notice they tend to transition into each other with spooky endings. Almost like a cliff hanger, leaving you confused or curious to know what will be happening in the next chapter. 
I think as far as the game play it's something for the puzzle player and one who loves to be just a bit scared or take on a mystery. It really is something you should experience for yourself! I think since I'm not a huge scary movie viewer or scary mystery game player, this is definitely scary especially with the music that plays in the background and being alone in either darkness or quiet areas. However, it's very exciting, perfect for Halloween and for a few screams.
Finally, the scenes and visual effects are wonderful! They really will amaze you and give you that realistic feel of you being there at that very moment! That is why I feel this is the perfect spooky mystery game to be released in October. Also, for a Wii U version this game plays excellent and the scenes are wonderful! 

By the way, if you want to purchase the game, they do have it for the Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Steam.  

Here is a video I captured of my game-play, beginning of the game:

Also you can view the Wii U Trailer for Slender The Arrival Below:

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