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Link-a-Pix Color - 3DS Lightwood Games new colorful puzzle logic fun game

"I received a free copy of the game in exchange for writing a review on my blog"

If you love puzzles, sitting back to a one player game that involves just your mind, well here is a fun puzzle game that was recently released by Lightwood Games, known as Link-a-Pix Color for the Nintendo 3DS. I was able to get ahead start and try it for myself. It definitely is fabulous and really occupies my time and keeps my brain sharp! I really have to say that this is one of my favorite brain-building games that allows you to figure out what path each number will travel to reach the other. It's like painting a path from one box to the next. 
I know I've played a few games before, one that came close to this game. However, this is the first one that really focuses on making images after you finish each puzzle. Plus, there are 120 different puzzles to figure out, it will definitely keep you busy! Also, it's very fun to get the reward of a well-painted photo at the end, of cute creatures and objects. 

Of course, there is a timer in the game. This can make you feel rushed or that you need to speed through the puzzle. However, I wouldn't let it get to you. After, the first time playing, you can do a retake of the same game and try it again or come back later and retry for a better time after getting an idea on how to figure out that puzzle. I would just stay focused on figuring out the puzzle and just have fun. You don't have to feel frustrated because your time is high and the time doesn't really count against you, but instead, allows you to see how long it takes for you to work on the puzzle

I do want to also add that I would take having the time as another challenge, testing the speed of your brain power and practicing to cut that time down. This can be by returning a few games in or after going through each, coming back and retrying it from 1 -120 again! Another idea is to test another with the game and see who comes out on top, making it even more of a challenge.
It's quite a fun game, very nice way to work the brain and just sit back and have fun!
Finally,  I want to say that this game is fun to play in so many ways, even if you challenge another to beat your time, try beating your own time, or even playing each puzzle and not minding about the time at all. It will amaze you how much the brain begins to focus and allow you to blow through these puzzles with ease when at first it was difficult. So, if you are in the market for a new game that will challenge your brain and even help you use logic to figure out problems, well check out the newly released game Link-a-Pix Color by Lightwood Games.

Youtube - Link-a-Pix Color Trailer

Game Description:
  • Link-a-Pix is a clue-linking puzzle where every grid has a picture hidden inside. The aim is to reveal the picture of painting paths to link the clues. Connect pairs of clues which have the same color and number. The number shows the length of the line which will connect them. Link-a-Pix can always be solved using logic and deduction. You don't ever have to guess! This game contains 120 exclusive puzzles, designed by Conceptis Ltd. Puzzles range in difficulty and size from small introductory pictures to huge scrollable grids with highly detailed pictures.
Game Information
  • System:  3DS
  • Release Date: January 18th, 2018
  • No. of Players: 1
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Rated: E - Everyone
  • Publisher and Developer: Light Wood Games
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